Completed Phase 1 of the site, on to phase 2

Hey, so to start I wanted to apologise for NSFW coming a bit later than I said, I wanted to make sure it was ready and I put it off a little bit, sorry.

But I do wanna say we have no successfully implemented over 1000 images, removed a lot of the duplicates, and added a NSFW section, so go us!

So now is tagging every picture with searchable descriptions and artistic credit, which is something Ive vowed to do from the start, and will begin now. There is already an inbuilt search ( but because there aren't any tags its pretty useless right now.

So yeah, that's what I'm gonna be doing for the next few weeks, along with uploading new Hanas I find. One last thing: The NSFW section is pretty small so I implore you to help contribute to it. I know theres way more lewd Hanas but I just made the mistake of not saving them :(

Thanks for reading,