Our First Birthday!

Wow, it's already been a year. As cliche as it sounds: time really flies.

In this time I have had the good fortune to meet many other people enthusiastic about Katawa Shoujo and a certain girl from it. A year ago today I bought this domain with the little spare cash I had as a meme, not really to do anything with it, however seeing that such a domain needed something to go with it, I went on to squarespace, signed up and uploaded 4 pictures as a placeholder. Now there are over 1500 total, and that's with me choosing not to upload a lot of them due to meme/quality concerns.

So what's the plan for the future? Well the site isn't perfect, I really wanted to tag all of the pictures so they could be searchable but that task is going to take weeks at a minimum, most likely months. Along with that, a lot of art is not credited, and I do not feel like this is fair to the artists who made these, so that will be the highest priority.

I want to thank everyone who's ever, and continues to, visit this site. I really appreciate it. Another huge thank you to all the people who donated to this meme. I don't want to get into numbers but this site isn't cheap to run, already it's been in the hundreds total. This is fine, I can afford it, but the help does really, well, help!

As I write this I will upload a bunch of new Hanas to the site, some I just haven't had time to do before. If you see any Hanas that aren't on here, or want to message me about anything, my email is SHG@Hanakoisbestgirl.com

Thanks for reading,