Our First Birthday!

Wow, it's already been a year. As cliche as it sounds: time really flies.

In this time I have had the good fortune to meet many other people enthusiastic about Katawa Shoujo and a certain girl from it. A year ago today I bought this domain with the little spare cash I had as a meme, not really to do anything with it, however seeing that such a domain needed something to go with it, I went on to squarespace, signed up and uploaded 4 pictures as a placeholder. Now there are over 1500 total, and that's with me choosing not to upload a lot of them due to meme/quality concerns.

So what's the plan for the future? Well the site isn't perfect, I really wanted to tag all of the pictures so they could be searchable but that task is going to take weeks at a minimum, most likely months. Along with that, a lot of art is not credited, and I do not feel like this is fair to the artists who made these, so that will be the highest priority.

I want to thank everyone who's ever, and continues to, visit this site. I really appreciate it. Another huge thank you to all the people who donated to this meme. I don't want to get into numbers but this site isn't cheap to run, already it's been in the hundreds total. This is fine, I can afford it, but the help does really, well, help!

As I write this I will upload a bunch of new Hanas to the site, some I just haven't had time to do before. If you see any Hanas that aren't on here, or want to message me about anything, my email is SHG@Hanakoisbestgirl.com

Thanks for reading,


Happy Birthday Hanako! (Minor site update)

Wow, it's July 10th already. Beyond the halfway point of the year, it's gone by so quickly!

Well I wanna speak for all of us in wishing Hana a happy birthday, there are plenty of special birthday pictures in the archive (I'll get to tagging them at some point I swear!) so if you wanna get in the atmosphere feel free to find them!

And well yeah, that's about it. I'm still adding new pics most days so I encourage you to keep coming back to see the new ones, and if you have any pics that aren't on here, or want your pic on, just hit me up at SHG@hanakoisbestgirl.com . I hope you all celebrate this special day by eating some bacon and maybe some light reading, I'm sure she'd like it.

Thanks for reading,

Completed Phase 1 of the site, on to phase 2

Hey, so to start I wanted to apologise for NSFW coming a bit later than I said, I wanted to make sure it was ready and I put it off a little bit, sorry.

But I do wanna say we have no successfully implemented over 1000 images, removed a lot of the duplicates, and added a NSFW section, so go us!

So now is tagging every picture with searchable descriptions and artistic credit, which is something Ive vowed to do from the start, and will begin now. There is already an inbuilt search (https://www.hanakoisbestgirl.com/search) but because there aren't any tags its pretty useless right now.

So yeah, that's what I'm gonna be doing for the next few weeks, along with uploading new Hanas I find. One last thing: The NSFW section is pretty small so I implore you to help contribute to it. I know theres way more lewd Hanas but I just made the mistake of not saving them :(

Thanks for reading,

So what now? (Update, Cleanup, NSFW etc.)

Hey, this post will be on about what's to come for the site.

So firstly, I found out that tagging is already integrated, so when I'm at the point when I'm uploading low amounts of images I can easily do it. However I have at this moment 800 pics that are all untagged, meaning I'm going to have to go through them all manually. Part of the job I suppose, but it'll have to wait.

I've spent today trawling through Hanako images, and have about 300 ready to upload, with another 850 to sift through as well. What I'm going to do is give them a quick rundown then upload all the ones I think aren't duplicates, which should bring the total number to about 1250. I will then go through all the pics and weed out all the duplicates, and try to group alternate versions of the same image (e.g. uncoloured/coloured) together. I think this will get us down to a round 1200 by the end of Thursday. So if you log on tomorrow (Thursday) and see a ton of duplicates, that's why.

I've also started on a NSFW gallery, but I want to sort out the basic SFW galleries before I get to that so expect that on Friday/Saturday. It currently has about 40 images but that's because in my current searches I haven't been saving NSFW images, so I will have to go through some common sources again.

Once these are sorted I can move onto other things, like tagging all the pics, implementing a search feature etc. If you have any other suggestions for things you'd like to see feel free to comment below

I also want to say thanks for all the people who have visited, and the community reception of this site has been great, so I only want to make it better for you guys/girls, hope you keep visiting!

Thanks for reading,


Hello World (Cliche I know)

Hello, I am writing this to let you know about the site

So right now the site is in a weird place, I've just got a bunch of stuff so I can upload pictures of Hana, however squarespace doesn't really support membership creation, community contributions or forums etc. Nor tagging of pictures (I mean there are if I run it as a blog but that's cumbersome, however I might have to)

This leaves me in a pickle as I believe that all of this stuff is essential to maintain the site, as I don't think I can do it exclusively on my own, at least for months/years. There are work arounds though, such as squarespace contributor accounts and the like.

So while I will be looking for an alternative site-builder for the future, for the next few months at least I have this. If you want to help contribute you can email me a request to at shg@hanakoisbestgirl.com or just send pictures through it.

Feel free to comment with suggestions and things you'd like to see

Thanks for reading,