Hello World (Cliche I know)

Hello, I am writing this to let you know about the site

So right now the site is in a weird place, I've just got a bunch of stuff so I can upload pictures of Hana, however squarespace doesn't really support membership creation, community contributions or forums etc. Nor tagging of pictures (I mean there are if I run it as a blog but that's cumbersome, however I might have to)

This leaves me in a pickle as I believe that all of this stuff is essential to maintain the site, as I don't think I can do it exclusively on my own, at least for months/years. There are work arounds though, such as squarespace contributor accounts and the like.

So while I will be looking for an alternative site-builder for the future, for the next few months at least I have this. If you want to help contribute you can email me a request to at shg@hanakoisbestgirl.com or just send pictures through it.

Feel free to comment with suggestions and things you'd like to see

Thanks for reading,